How to use EVARS

What is the EVARS website?

The EVARS website is a result of the EVARS project, which was supported financially from 2013 to 2015 by the Life Long Learning Programme.

The EVARS project was developed to assist local communities to improve their collaboration with civil society organizations and elderly volunteers in order for them to engage in local community activities and “light” welfare assignments.

Bring engaged as a volunteer in local communities has to be a win – win situation for both the volunteer and the local authority of civil society organisation that the volunteer is engaged with.

The EVARS project wants to ensure this win – win situation through training activities and strategic engagement from local authorities.

What can you find on this website?

On this website you can find all the material that the EVARS project has developed.

 If you click on ”EVARS Course Material” (hyperlink) you will get into the complete course material that was produced in the EVARS project.  The Course material consists of;

1)      Concrete and detailed description of the training material in 5 different themes;

 How to use EVARS

The course material also includes description of learning objectives, didactics and examples of agendas.

The master version is in English. You can find versions in Danish, German and Slovakian if click on ”Local Activities” (hyperlink) and go into the different country flags.

2)     Preparation and Learning forms for professionals and volunteers

3)      Evaluation forms

The EVARS project was implemented in 4 different countries; Denmark, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. If you click on ”Local Activities” (hyperlink) you will learn more about how the project was implemented on local level and you will find concrete training and inspiration material in each local language.

Who is this website for? 

The project has worked with three main target groups:

1)      Local authorities

2)      Senior Organisations

3)      Volunteers

If you are a local authority, you can use this website to find inspiration on how to build up strategic relationships with senior oganisations and elderly volunteers.

You will find inspiration on how to organise the collaboration with elderly volunteers on a local level, and the course material will assist you to plan concrete training activities in order to create a wini – win to provide training and competence development for elderly volunteers

If you are a senior organisation, you can use this website to find inspiration on how to develop and implement training activities for volunteers, which can benefit the members of your organizations, who would like to be engaged as volunteers.

If you are a volunteer, you can use this website to get inspiration on how you can organise yourself – together with other volunteers – to request better training and engagement with local authorities.


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How to use EVARS

What is the EVARS website?

The EVARS website is a result of the EVARS project, which was suppor…