EVARS Final conference

The final conference of the EVARS project took place October 22nd 2015 at the South Denmark European House, Avenue Palmerston 3, 1000 Brussels (Belgium). The final conference was marked by the many participants and speakers with varied European nationalities representing different European municipalities, local authorities and organizations.

The final conference was held as a seminar on Voluntarism and Active and Healthy Ageing. The EVARS partners presented their results and project findings from the pilots and emphasized the importance of active citizenship and volunteering for local authorities. 

The full agenda for the EVARS final conference together with the presentations from the day are available for further reading:

Seminar agenda for the final conference in the EVARS project 

EVARS in Austria

EVARS in Schleswig-Holstein

Importance of Active Citizenship and Volunteering for Local Authorities by Nhu Tram

Local Authorities - Nordfyn Municipality by Flemming Lassen

Voluntarism and Active & Healthy Ageing by Henriette Hansen

Volunteering and Age Friendly Societies by Gabriella Civico

Want to see more? Memories from the final conference are available here


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