The EVARS Course Material

The aim of the EVARS course Material is to create a common understanding between professionals and volunteers. Moreover, the focus of the course is to qualify seniors to understand and act in the welfare sector within specific fields of subjects and target groups, in the aim of functioning as a supplement to the welfare sector.

Where to begin? A short explanation:

  • The EVARS Course Material: The full course material, including a step by step guide and the 5 course modules.
  • The Process supporting questions: A helping proposing guide for facilitators to carry out the course, in order to aim the course to the specific participants.
  • Annex 1 & 1a: The preparation forms will ensure a common understanding of expectations between volunteers and professionals. By filling out the forms, former working experiences and the qualifications of each volunteer will be further specified, together with the expectations of the professionals.
  • Annex 2:  The Learning form is to be filled out during the course, with the aim of stating ongoing reflection in order to receive as much as possible from the course.
  • Annex 3 & 3a: The evaluation forms are to be filled after fulfilling the course, with the aim of making an final evaluation of the course. 

1a.png General questions 2

Annex 1 2 Annex 1a 2 Annex2

Annex 3a Annex3 



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